La Villetta s.r.l. is one of the most innovative Italian firms that operate in the marketing of new varieties of carnation.
It was born fifteen years ago with the objective to make to promote, out of the national border, the varieties created by the family Baratta, a well known group of carnation breeders that in over fifty years of activity has created some of the most important varieties of carnation that are nowadays known .
The principal activity of La Villetta s.r.l. is the selection of the carnation varieties, created by Baratta breeders, that better grow and produce in the different climatic conditions of the principal areas of flowers production all over the world.
The result of this long and patient job has allowed LaVilletta s.r.l. to create an assortment of varieties that can satisfy the requirements of almost the totality of the carnations growers.
La Villetta s.r.l. is able to supply to its clients both cuttings and mother plants (rooted or unrooted) of varieties of mediterranean carnations both standard and spray of italian production.
La Villetta s.r.l. has also the licence of a new line of pot carnations of particular beauty and compactness distributed with the trademark TOPINPOT.